Audiobooks for Independent Authors

Whether you have written the next "Great American Novel", or you are an undiscovered talent, after you publish the written version of your independent book you want to maximize your earnings, right?

What's the best way to maximize your earnings on any book you have written?

The BEST way to accomplish that is to create an audiobook and add it to,, and other major audiobook sellers. However, if you are an independent author chances are you are working with a limited budget, and that means you don't have the time or funds to have your book turned into an audiobook, and we understand. Getting books onto and can be costly and time consuming.  How do you accomplish it? Timeless AudioBooks has come up with several innovative options that allow you to start earning money on your work right away!

Follow the 3 EASY steps below to turn your MASTERPIECE into a professional audiobook for all to hear!

  1. Choose a package from Timeless AudioBooks that works for you (Packages are based on word count)
  2. Choose your voice over artist from our list of professionals
  3. Submit your contract with the residual option of your choice

and let us take care of the rest!

Simply complete our online order form to choose a package that corresponds to your word count and a residual schedule that works for you. An audiobook specialist will contact you to confirm your order. After we talk, you submit a small payment of 25% of the cost of your audiobook and a completed contract. You will then receive a short recorded sample of your prologue for approval. After your approval, simply submit your final residual payment and your audiobook will go into full production. Within 2-3 weeks your audiobook will be completed and you are ready to make some money!

All Packages INCLUDE:

  • Sample Chapter for approval
  • Complete unabridged production of your book (as supplied by you)
  • Professional studio mix and mastering for the highest professional audio quality available
  • Hosting and distribution of your audiobook on,,, and all other major online Audiobook retailers.

The only thing you do is supply your final manuscript, ISBN# and Digital Cover Art (optional). Timeless Audiobooks handles all interaction with the audiobook distributors for you. Just sit back, relax and start collecting residual checks each month.


10,000 1 5 $450
20,000 2 10 $850
30,000 3 15 $1250
40,000 4 20 $1650
50,000 5 25 $2050
60,000 6 30 $2450
70,000 7 35 $2850
80,000 8 40 $3250
90,000 9 45 $3650
100,000 Please contact us directly to discuss pricing

Don’t have a big budget?

Don't let a limited budget stop you from distributing your work. We will work with you to get your audiobook out there even with a limited budget! We offer several residual options so you can choose the plan that fits your budget best. 

Start making money right away with as little as 25% out of pocket!

The minimum residual option for any package is 25% of the total cost of your book. So with as little as $112.50 out of pocket you can have your audiobook professionally recorded and distributed on all the major audio book retailers including, and

Why is it so inexpensive?

Since we work on a residual payment schedule,  you choose just how much of your book residuals you receive. You can choose to receive as little as 25% of the residuals or as much as 95% of the residuals. The choice is yours. With as little as $112.50 you can start collecting on the residuals your book generates.

  • NO big out-of-pocket fees!
  • NO major debt for you!

You (as the author/consumer) automatically own 25% of the residuals pertaining to your book.

At the end of every month you will receive a check for 25% of the total residuals generated by your audiobook.

You are in control of your residual checks. There are several options from which to choose, each one puts the amount of residuals you collect in your hands. Do you want more than 25% residual? Than choose from 50%, 75%, OR 95%! Once you decide on your residual plan, Timeless AudioBooks will cover the remaining cost to produce your audiobook. This means, that we will turn your masterpiece into an audiobook for publication on, and for as little as 25% of the cost of production. You get 25% of the residuals and Timeless AudioBooks gets the balance to help offset the cost of creating your audiobook.

Sure, if your novel contains 50,000 words it will cost $2,050 to produce. You may choose from a residual package of 25%, 50%, 75% or 95% and your book will go into production. Any remaining cost to produce your audiobook is covered by Timeless AudioBooks. Once your book starts selling, you collect the residuals based on your choice below. The remaining residuals collected from the sale of your book will remain the property of Timeless AudioBooks. The maximum % for residual on any Timeless Audiobook is 95%.

Choosing a Residual %- You may choose from the following packages-

50K $2050 $512.50 95% ($1947.50) $1947.50
80K $3250 $812.50 50% ($1625.00) $1625.00

Ready to get started? 

Fill out the order form and submit it to Timeless AudioBooks and one of our audio book specialists will be in touch with you shortly.

Follow 3 EASY steps to turn your book into a professional audiobook so you can start making money right away!

  1. Choose a package from Timeless AudioBooks that works for you
    (Packages are based on word count, so make sure you have the correct word count.)
  2. Choose your voice over artist from our list of voice over professionals
  3. Submit your order, with a minimal down payment

and let us take care of the rest!

Ready to get started?

Simply complete our online order form and we will be in touch with you.

Audio Sample

Sophia Rose - Voice over artist

"Crashing Back Down" Prologue and Chapter 1: by, Author Kristen Hope Mazzola